One Grave at a Time

One Grave at a Time - Jeaniene Frost RE-read 1/4/2016

I loved this one. I wish I would have written reviews for all of the books from this series so I could remember exactly what went through my mind but since I have read them.. I think this is my 5th time through its safe to say that I love them.

I think it was something a lot different than the other books and that's always a good thing. Not that I could ever get tired of reading about Cat and Bones but it's still nice to see something different. Plus Tyler. I freaking LOVE him! He was hilarious and honestly he kinda pulled the book together... Okay at least for me. I enjoy laughing and with out his little spunk I think the book would have been missing something. Since there was no Vlad I was very happy with Tyler and Dexter :)