Lover Reborn

Lover Reborn - J.R. Ward I HATED THIS BOOK! Harsh I know. But seriously she took one of my favorite characters from the series and completely ruined him for me. I will never be able to get over what he said to No'One after he needing. I don't care how upset a person is. There are just some thing you don't say! And he said them repeatedly throughout the book that he was using her. Bleh!!!! He is suppose to be a man of worth! No man of worth would do that.

I thought I would hate this book because I loved Wellsie and I was freaking pissed that Tohr was going to take another mate and so soon after she died. But no I hate the book because Tohr was basically murdered in my eyes. No'One was kind of very messed up... and for good reasons and she let him treat her like complete crap. Grieving did not give him the right to completely use her. Yes he got her food and filled the bathtub for her(apparently thats a big deal) but he tried to hide her, he wouldn't even sleep under the damn covers with her! I really, really wish Ward would have waited and let Tohr move on by himself before having him try to sleep with No'One. Make him the B character and sell the house and give away Welllsie's things and then give him his own book. I will never like him again. I tried to move past it, I did, but I can't. He is an ass. This book upset me so much, it gave me a headache... (or it could be the fact that I have been reading for 5 hours but I am sticking with my disappointment in Tohr.)

The one good thing in this book: Lassiter :) LOOOOOVVVVEEE HIM! oh and I guess the sex was good too.. yes defiantly good sex scenes. but still ruined a freaking character for me. gah. I did get over my hatred for John and Xhex though! yay for that.