Sin Undone

Sin Undone - Larissa Ione

I honestly wasn't a huge fan of this book. Mainly because I wasn't a huge fan of Sin. She had that whole "tough girl" thing that I like most of the time but the way Sin acted towards others was just obnoxious. She doesn't need anyone because she's tough. Bull shit chica. Shut up and accept help from your family.

I liked Con.. kinda. I liked him a lot more than I liked Sin and I defiantly liked him at the end of the book but he was an acquired taste. He was kind of a dick at first but so was Sin so really what did she expect?

I was sad for the Demonica series to end. It is not secret that I haven't LOVED the series as much as some other but it has been entertaining and I have enjoyed seeing the boys (and I guess Sin) grow up and find their mates and be happy :)