Legacy of Kings

Legacy of Kings - Eleanor Herman Alright I just want to start off by saying that I skipped a lot.. so this is not the most accurate review. And a lot of people have loved this book so do NOT read this review and think that the book was horrible. Because the story itself was not bad. The story was actually really, really good. I kind of feel like it was 6 stories all shoved into one book.. and I HATE that. I love it when an author uses more than 1 POV but when it jumps around like it did with this book I can't stand it. I can't get attached to one character when it does that. I wanted to know about Kat. I really didn't care about Jos or Cyn. but I really couldn't even grow an emotional attachment with Kat because it jumped around so much. So I kind of skimmed through a lot of the book.
So I would recommend this book if the whole jumping POV thing doesn't bother you like it does me. I tend to get pissy about that though.
Ill read the next one because the story is interesting, I just don't like how it's written.