Can't Resist Him

Can't Resist Him - Molly McLain “I’m not going to pretend I’ve always been the kind of guy who knows what needs to be said, because I’m not. Hell, I’m not any different than the assholes who’ve used and abused you before. I’ve done a lot of stupid shit and fucked with the heads of a lot of perfectly nice girls. But you’re different for me, and that makes me want to be different for you, too.”

Ohhhhh Brody. I am madly in love with you. As I am sure half the female population will be after reading this book.

Brody is dealing with PTSD after the death of two of his friends over seas and he is on mandatory leave. Which he is not happy about. Jenny is, well she is just kind of lost. She has been in love with her on again off again "fuck buddy" for ten years and he has decided to leave her behind. So now she needs to move on.

Two lost souls find each other and help each other mend. It's beautiful, it's funny, and it sure as hell sexy!