Wild Cat

Wild Cat -  Jennifer Ashley Loved this book! Cassidy and Diego were perfect together. I loved the dynamic with this relationship. With Cassidy being the shifter and Diego being the human.. it made it a little different than the last couple book from the series.

Cassidy is an alpha shifter and Diego is an "alpha human". I like seeing them together. And good lord when Diego speaks spanish to her.. I want to die. He was sooo sexy. I fuckin loved his character.

The story was good too... Honestly I was caught up in the romance to pay too much attention to the story. There was a Fae hunting Cassidy because he needed her blood to try to get back to his home and Diego finally got the guys that killed his partner and thats where they found that ruined city with all those poor shifters. Yeah.. and a bunch of other things I'm sure but really I just want to ramble on about how in love I am with Diego.. Because I am. he owns my heart now.

So ladies if nothing else read this book for him alone.

The story is good too :)