Souls Unfractured

Souls Unfractured - Tillie Cole Oh man. I thought the las book of this series was intense.. This one was more. I love Flame! ahhh. I may even love him more than Styx. Yeah he's a little crazy but Maddie takes the crazy away.

It's a story of two completely broken souls that slowly start to make a shitty world into a better one. The story is beautiful, I mean they can't even touch each other at first. I loved that the book was kind of just centered on them. There wasn't a lot of outside characters around. And Maddie wasn't really taken back to the order. I loved seeing them grow together. There really isn't another word for it but beautiful. It is very simple and pure. I loved how straight forward everything was. how he would just ask her why she was blushing or she would ask what he was thinking and he would be completely honest. You don't see that anymore. Beautiful.

And I loved seeing how much AK and Viking loved him. Really Flame would be a difficult guy to love when he went into one of his episodes before Maddie. But they did and they did it with zero judgement and zero tolerance for anyone treating him different. And now AK with little Ash! So I love AK and Viking very much. a

I will say this. There is a lot of darker subjects that even I had a hard time reading. I had to skim through some of it. There was a lot more in this book because it was coming from both of the main characters backgrounds and then you had Brother Cain POV in the Order compound and all the abuse that was going on there. So I will not lie, That was getting to be a little bit much for me.. only so much child abuse I can read about. Beware of that if you are going to read this book.

I saw that there was going to be a book for Rider.. I do not know if ill read it. I think it is hinting that he will end up with Phoebe. And okay good for him but I don't think I can take a whole book where it is based at The Order compound. Honestly it is so hard to stomach. I know its all fake but I still want to hunt them all down.... who am I kidding I will end up reading it because The Hangmen will be involved and I love them. sigh. Way to draw me in Tillie Cole. Way to draw me in.