Spark - Brigid Kemmerer Alright. I have figured out what my issue with this series is. Okay well ONE issue. There are never really conclusions. I know this is only the second book but I don't feel like either book really ended. That would be just fine if the next book didn't have a different MC, but the next one just moves on to a different brother (or Hunter) and I am just sitting here like um what? I think I would actually really love the books if it weren't for this. Idk something with the POV is weird. I feel like the first book was more about becca and Hunter instead of Chris.. even though the next book is about Hunter. See and not I am even getting confused.

I loved Layne though. Nerdy girl putty the asshole in his place. That's just awesome writing magic. I love it. Ugh and I will read the next one just because I freakin need to know what happens next. because I don't feel like anything was resolved at all in this book. Nothing.