Four Days

Four Days - Dannika Dark

By far my favorite of this series so far. I went into it expecting to hate it because Ivy has kind of annoyed me in the past books. I have always loved Enzo but Ivy.. I don't know. I just never clicked with her but I love her! What an amazing woman. I would never have guess all that was going on under her seemingly carefree attitude. And everyone knows my love for Dannika Dark's Mageri series and I love that the Cross family from that series has a HUGE part of Ivy. I was heartbroken over the end of the Mageri series and with just this little bit I am no longer heartbroken. Everything feels settled. I hate reviews that give away spoilers so I can't say how they intermingle but it is huge and it makes me love Ivy so much more because it shows just how strong she really is.

Honestly she is one of my favorite characters now and it makes me sad that she is moving over to Enzo's house and probably won't play such a big role in the rest of the series. I guess I will see if that is true or not. I hope I am wrong because I have even grown to like the way she speaks in riddles sometimes. It seems to calm some of the other characters.