Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises - Dianne Duvall http://megansbookmadness.blogspot.com

Love it! Not that I am surprised at all. I have loved this entire series. Dianne Duvall is just fantastic and she knows how to write an engaging book. I can't stop once I start. I started the audio book at work but my work day ended and I wanted to stay.. ! seriously that's how into the book I was.

Krysta was another badass female lead like the rest of the women in this series. What I love about these books is that yes they all can seriously kick some ass but they all do it differently and all the stories are different. A lot of times you get the same story repeated over and over again and so far that hasn't happened. Krysta started off as a Vampire hunter. Hello! Awesome!

I was a little worried about Etienne.. just because he hasn't really played a large role in the other books. He has kind of been in the background in most. And not that his ability isn't amazing but it is kind of generic and he is relatively young for an immortal. SO I was a little worried that his story was going to be kind of bland. But he was sweet and funny and I liked him and Krysta together.

And everything else that you find out in this books kind of makes up for the (kind of) boring romance. And I mean KIND OF. I loved them really they are adorably perfect together and will make one hell of a fighting team but yeah... the story.. they have a traitor!!! duh duh duh... is that how you would type that sound? y'all get the picture. Things are getting interesting.

Plus can we just take a moment and swoon over Zach? I really hope I am not getting my hopes up for nothing. And I am getting my hopes up about him. He has wings. Therefore he trumps the rest of them. Let's hope Lisette doesn't totally suck too!