Eat Prey Love

Eat Prey Love - Kerrelyn Sparks No. I am so disappointed by this book. Carlos has always been one of my favorite side characters and I have been looking forward to his book ever since we first met him and I hated it. I HATED Caitlyn. She could not have been any more desperate. I have no idea why any woman would ever throw themselves at someone the way she did. It was embarrassing and she just kept doing it.

And her freakin daddy issues. Yeah so your dad was/is an asshole. BFD. And you find out your sister didn't actually run away like you thought. Instead of freaking out maybe just enjoy getting to know her? I dunno. That's what I would do. Its not like you can change the past. And it's not like you are actually going to do anything to your father so STFU.

The dialogue seemed forced. And a lot of it was awkward and incredibly cheesy. I understand that a lot of the lines were suppose to be "sexy" but good god they weren't.
There's really nothing more to say. I did not enjoy anything about the book. I wanted so badly to stop listening to it. I am really hoping the the next one won't be so awkward.

Also whoever hired the narrator for the audiobook did a terrible job. She talked like you would to a child. It's part of the reason I hated the book so much. Who wants to listen to love scenes with a whiney voice? NO ONE.