Tempted  - Elisabeth Naughton, Elizabeth   Wiley There may be a few spoilers.. I can't help it sometimes.

I freaking love the world this book is based in but I did not like Isadora at all. I tried because she ended up doing some good things and what she did for her sister was obviously amazing but she just annoyed me. She was trying to take charge of her life.. okay. I get that. But the way she did it? I don't get that. And the first time her and Demetrius had sex.. uhh. It was borderline rape. He was attracted to her. He told her that but he also said that he didn't want it to go that far but she didn't care because she was "taking charge" of her life. I did not like that one bit. And even before that she just kept pushing him for it. Some would call that determination.I think even Demetrius called it determination which knocked him down a peg in my book. But I call that desperation and pathetic and god just annoying.

Now Demetrius I liked. I felt bad for him because he got stuck with Isadora for a mate but whatever. He was a good character. Interesting backstory. Yeah. He had to keep saving isadora. That is basically all he ever did. She kept getting in trouble.

If the female character were different I would have liked the book more. I hate rating it with 3 stars but characters are kinds the bread and butter of books and Isadora was just awful. But it was good and the plot it moving right along. I am looking forward to the next book.