The Chief

The Chief - Monica McCarty

I am not usually a fan of highlander books.. I never hate them but they are usually just ehhh to me. But this one I actually really enjoyed and I came across it on accident yesterday when I was going through my library's e-book selection and thought I would try it and I could not put it down.

There were a few times were Christina annoyed me.. but that happens even in my favorite books so thats to be expected and of course I wanted to punch Tor a lot but again that is to be expected.. I hate when a woman is expected to be docile and OBEY her husband. ohhh it when Tor says that I wanted to punt kick him across the room but Christina just accepts this.. And I know that is how it was back then.. which is why I usually can not read any kind of historical book. I have tried and tried but I just can't stand it. I love cavemen. I really do but a woman has to be able to fight back. They need to have some kind of power.. and I am not talking about in the bedroom.. I think thats why I like Donna Grants highlander series because there is the paranormal aspect to it as well as the highlander men.

Anyways... What I was trying to say was that although Tor was all "I will tell you nothing! You must obey me!" He was also sweet and I don't know it just seemed different than most of the highlander books I have tried to read. I am going to try the next one and hope that this one wasn't just a fluke and that maybe I have finally found a highlander series that I can love and enjoy!