Darkest Highlander

Darkest Highlander - Donna Grant I liked this book.. but Sonya was beyond stupid. What does Deirdre want more than anything else? a druid. So what does Sonya (A DRUID) do? She follows Broc right back to the mountain, right back to Deirdre. And she just freaking walked right fuckin in. With no weapon and she thought her magic was completely gone. STUPID! I was sitting at work listening to this happen and I literally growled in frustration over this. So now Sonya has all my coworkers thinking I am craaaazy. So thats awesome. Oh and then there is the little fact that Broc was with her sister. oh hell no. I would have punched him if he ever made a move on me too. How freaking gross. To sleep with someone your dead sister has also slept with. Nope. But Sonya just completely over looks that little fact. oh it bothered her... but oh well.

Look obviously I am not sugar coating this review. I did not like this book.. The only reason it got 2 stars is because of all the back story for the next series. I hated Sonya and Brocs story. It was such a disappointment because up until this book they have been some of my favorite characters in the series.