Dark Guardian

Dark Guardian  - Christine Feehan, Juanita Parker I have mixed feelings about this book. I liked Lucian a lot more than I have liked most of the other males from this series. Yes he was all caveman and forced his will but thats just what they do. It's a story not real life. And he seemed to feel guilty when he did it and the only times I remember him doing it was when he wanted Jax to drink from him. Is that right? maybe thats wrong. But if thats the case then he's better than the rest of them. Plus he was kinda funny and I liked that about him.

Jaxon I didn't really care for. She has a shitty childhood. Alright. That sucks. But her way of coping with everything was so freaking annoying. The whole denial thing. I hate that. She was suppose to be this bad ass cop and her way of dealing with everything was to pretend it wasn't there or that she didn't hear it.. That just annoys me. Honestly Lucian kind of got stuck with a shitty life mate.

And can I just say really, one shot took him down? COME ON! thats just embarrassing.