Midnight's Lover

Midnight's Lover - Donna Grant I love this book! Ian was absolutely adorable.. Not sure if that is what you want from a warrior but I don't care that's what he was. That first night in the cave with Dani, How freaking cute was that? VERY! He goes all god mode and is still fierce so that makes him the perfect warrior.. at least in my eyes. And Dani was pretty awesome too. Because she knew she was a druid and she knew about her magic, she accepted Ian and his world a lot quicker and some of the other girls. The love did happen quickly, that doesn't bother me most of the time and it didn't in this book. Donna Grant does a great job at doing the insta-love thing and still make you (well at least me) not hate it.

ohhhhh and Can I just say that the love scene while they were in the dungeon was HOT. You would think it would be super weird and awkward but it totally was not. :)