Black Magic Woman

Black Magic Woman - Christine Warren

hmm... I can't decide if I liked it or not. There were times were I did. and then there were times that I hated it. Okay Daphanie (which is a silly name) was a moron. She knows nothing about the 'other' world and yet she throws a freaking fit in one of their bars. Really? Does that seem like a wise decision? Nope. And even after Asher tells her who the guy was that she just insulted she still acts like she knows everything and that she can take care of herself. Bitch you just found out about the 'other' world a couple days ago and have already upset a pretty nasty guy. Clearly you can't take care of yourself. You stubborn fool.

I did love Asher. Yeah.. He was pretty much perfection. Why the hell did he want Daphanie? He wasn't a werewolf so there wasn't the whole internal life mate thing and I mean come on! I just don't see it. But who the hell am I to judge a man preference. Just goes to show that he's a bit crazy too.

What I loved about the book was that Graham and Rafe! They were hilarious. I enjoyed their conversations. And I loved hearing Graham talk about Missy. I liked her and I also like seeing her again in this book.

If it wasn't for Daphanie I think this book would have been really good. The story with all the voodoo was a lot of fun and I loved Asher and the side characters. It makes me sad that one bad character can ruin a book but it totally can. Especially when it's one of the MCs. I gave it 3 stars and thats rounding up..