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Second Grave on the Left

Second Grave on the Left - Darynda Jones I love Charley! Seriously. I listened to the audio book at work today and the whole book.. Not even kidding the whole damn book I was smiling. My co workers already think I'm nuts but now they also think I'm a total creeper.... Smiling all day. Who does that??! Anyways...

Charley is kinda my favorite heroine ever. Im pretty sure I can't think of one I like better. At least not off the top of my head. She totally kicks ass but its her mouth that I love the most. The way she talks to everyone.. Or to her Mr. Coffee maker. Whatever is around, I love it! It cracks me up. I have to add her police statement in here because I could not stop laughing.
"I heard a sound. A bad guy swung a knife at me. I ducked and cut his throat." And then UB's reaction.. "Well that needs some work."

Thats one of the other things I like so much about this book, the side characters are fantastic. Her uncle is honestly one of my favorites. He takes whatever she says and dishes right back to her.

I will say that uh I do not like Reyes... To be quite honest I like Garrett a whole hell of a lot more. Reyes is kinda a dick.. Just saying. I do not understand the attraction there. But whatevvva.

Deep by Kylie Scott

Not my favorite but it was good... Nothing spectacular though. Lizzy's outlook on life was pretty refreshing. I liked her inner monologue. Ben did absolutely nothing for me. I kinda knew he wasn't going to. I think that's why I kept putting this one off. The other three boys were delicious in their own ways but Ben.. Ehhhh... Nothing. If it weren't were Lizzy I probably would have just skipped to the end to see how the book ended for all of them. But like I said Lizzy was actually really funny.

I have loved this series and I am sad that it is over. Happy that the band mates are all coupled up and married/engaged/making babies/ buying puppies. You know normal people things.

Tempting Rever

Tempting Rever  - Laurann Dohner BOO. I have actually been enjoying these books. This one was terrible. The writing for some reason went downhill. The situation was different in this book. It wasn't just a kidnap a girl and mate with her. The hero already had a bound human but another human was put under his protection and his bound was suppose to be like a 'bitchy' female but everything she said and did was so freaking cheesy and robotic and it made the dialogue awkward. This was also the first time the the heroine begged to be there. So that was also weird I guess. I hate when women beg. And she begged him a lot. So yeah just not a fan of this one.

Rock Chick Rescue

Rock Chick Rescue - Kristen Ashley I am not even going to pretend that I liked this one.. The only reason I finished it was because I want to move on with the series. The only good thing about this book was the side characters.

I hated both of the main characters. I thought I would love Eddie.. But he wasn't even a good "do everything I say" caveman.. He got shit done yeah but eh. Nothing special like Lee.

And Jet... I hated her. She was a bitch. Well let me clarify, she was a bitch ONLY to Eddie. She was basically a perfect angel to everyone else. No matter how nasty they were to her. Like her father who took her money and brought bad men to her doorstep. She didn't care. But then when Eddie tried to help her she was such a bitch. And the whole thing with thinking she was too boring for him.. That was just annoying. I don't understand why that needed to be added in there at all.

I also do not understand why Eddie stuck around. Jet was terrible to him. She was NEVER nice to him. The romance didn't make sense to me. Whatever works for people I guess.

1.5 stars... Those stars are strictly for the original characters. Not Jet and Not Eddie. And defiantly not for this romance.


Significance - Shelly Crane re-read 1/29/2016
... I kind of did not like this book.. It was so incredibly corny. I like the whole story line. It is an interesting concept but the dialogue.. oh my god. Was it really just a couple years ago that I read this and I loved it. I cringed the whole time. Not only was it so freaking cheesy but everything was repeated multiple times. Like I'm talking 5 or 6 times. They met at a stop light... And I really wish I would have counted how many times either one of them said how glad they were that they were there that day. It was at least 5 in the first half of the book and then in the end it is thrown in there again. And then the whole imprinting thing was explained a lot as well. I kind of feel like Maggie was an idiot. She was extremely sweet but I don't think she was all that smart. She was also so very self conscious. 75.63% of the book was Caleb reassuring her that he wanted to be with her. Um hello you have freaking imprinted! You are his SOULMATE! Also you can read his flipping mind. You know exactly what the guy is thinking. You would know if he didn't want you. Annoying.

Barbarian Lover: A SciFi Alien Romance (Ice Planet Barbarians Book 3)

Barbarian Lover: A SciFi Alien Romance (Ice Planet Barbarians Book 3) - Ruby Dixon Honestly.. not a huge fan of this one. Which is so sad because I have absolutely loved the last two. This one was a little more serious. Where the other two were light and hilarious. This one had its funny moments but really there was one funny part and it happened at the very start and then it got boring and way too emotional and yeah. Not what I wanted in my alien smuty book.

I was kinda of expecting Kira to be a buzz kill for me but I thought Aehako would even it out because in the last book he was pretty funny. He has his moments but really he was all about proving himself.. Which I get. I will say that Kira's willingness to go off by herself to save everyone was honorable. I mean scary as hell but that kind of knocked her up a peg or 2 in my book and she basically started out at 0 for me.

But I was just expecting the same humor as the last 2 books from the series and I did not get it at all. Honestly the book NEEDS humor.. I mean you have human women screwing around with giant blue men with horns, tails and ridges all over their bodies. I can't take these books seriously.

Hold on Tight by Abbi Glines

Well shit. I finally got around to reading this book and it was freaking good. I knew I would love Dewayne. And surprising I loved Sienna too. She was a fantastic mother which always automatically makes you kinda awesome. Even if everything else about you is kind of boring. But lets be real. This is the 8th book of the series and honestly they all kind of fall along the same line.. Don't get me wrong I have like most of them. Hell I want to eat Crit for breakfast and then Jaxon for lunch and now Dewayne for dinner. But the men are all trouble souls who eventually meet their.. god I hate this but 'magic pussy' and then the men all change their ways or in Jess's case she kinda changed. Well they all change. Whatever. This book was no different. Dewayne changed his ways and became a romantic sap who liked to talk dirty. yum. I love Abbi Glines. I love her books even if It was predictable. Even with Micah in there. Which is what made this one a little different than the last one. Still a sweet story about a 'bad' boy who turned sweet because he fell in love.

Claimed By Shadow

Claimed By Shadow - Karen Chance im not going to write a full review. I am just going to rant about a few things real quick. First off uhhh can I just want to point out that the way she lost her virginity was a HUGE freaking let down. They made it out to be a big deal and it was over and down with and then it was like ok thanks man. See ya around. Kind of pissed me off. A lot. Second. Cassie is a freaking selfish bitch. She is doing all this crazy stuff to get ahold of Tony because she thinks that he has her dads ghost. She doesn't remember her dad. I know that sounds cruel. But she is doing trades with he freaking faery king and people are dying! All so she can confront Tony. And she doesn't even know for sure that he has her fathers ghost. I mean there are wars gong on with the the vamps and the mages and she has just about everyone out trying to kill her and all she cares about it getting to Tony.

Everything else about the book was good. Those 2 things just irritated me and since I just wrote a review for the first book I really didn't feel like writing one for this one. Because really.. They are kind of the same... Except she is no longer a virgin.

Touch the Dark

Touch the Dark - Karen Chance, Cynthia Holloway IIIII don't know. I liked parts of the book and then I didn't at the same time. I have heard that a lot of people have problems with Cassie.. and I didn't. I actually kinda liked her for the most part. The men were fine. Nothing spectacular and there wasn't really one singular love interest. There was an almost love scene one time. But the way it was written makes it seem like Cassie was turned on but didn't want it... So to me it was just weird. He was trading touches for answers for her questions. Thats messed up. Wasn't a fan of that at all. I like to have a set love interest.

The one thing that was driving me crazy though out the book was the freaking random details about information right in the middle of something else. I know that it is the first book of a series and there is going to be a lot of information that needs to be told so I kind of overlooked it at first but it just kept happening. I would get into a scene and then there would be 10 mins of her explaining why she felt so betrayed by Tomas or how the Mage's magic worked.

Not gonna lie, I got quite confused a lot in this book. There is a shit ton of everything in here. Vamps, witch, dark mages, light mages, were rats, werewolves, ghost, time traveling, possession. It was just a lot for my little brain. Especially when she started jumping bodies to time travel. Ive already read most of the second book at work and I can say that it just gets more confusing. My brain may not be able to handle this series.

Fighting Destiny

Fighting Destiny - Amelia Hutchins re-read 1/26/2016

Clockwork Princess

Clockwork Princess  - Cassandra Clare re-read 1/25/2016
I have been preparing my self for this book for days.. and still I cried like a freaking little bitch... for at least 30 minutes. No lie. Like curled in a ball, sobbing. Damn Cassandra Clare for making the book so freaking good that I keep reading it!!!

On the Prowl

On the Prowl - Christine Warren I didn't like this one as much as I like the last couple books from the series.. I wasn't a huge fan of Nic... Later on in the book he was okay but I hated the whole mating custom. OR whatever. Where the female basically just does whatever the male says with out complaint. Not a fan of that. And Honestly I didn't really like the female lead either. Saskia is kind of weak in the beginning. She toughens up throughout the book, which was cool but I dunno.

The book was still entertaining. The story was still really good. I just wasn't a huge fan of the beginning of the book.

Tempt Me with Darkness

Tempt Me with Darkness  - Shayla Black sooooo I had this book on an old iPad, which I found today and of course I pulled up my ibooks and I have this whole series on this old iPad downloaded and so thought yay I can finish this first book that I started like a year ago! Problem with that is I was 3/4 of the way done and I remember the basics about what was going on but I was honestly very lost. And it is kind of a long book. I didn't want to re-read the whole damn thing. So I can't really write a full review because I honestly can't remember enough of the book to do it. The ending was pretty good. I really hope that the next book will fill in some of the blanks about the story line.

City of Heavenly Fire

City of Heavenly Fire  - Cassandra Clare Dang it. Why do all of these books make me cry. I may have to stop reading her books. I honestly read this book just for Tessa and Jem. Even though they were in there for like 2 mins. But I needed up liking this book more than I have the last two books. It was still a bitter sweet end for me. I am however glad that this series is over. I will read her next series. Halloo Jem and Tessa might be in it. Even though Jem is now mortal and I am sure he will die at some point because Cassandra Clare likes to make me cry.

Vampire Mine (Audio)

Vampire Mine (Audio) - Kerrelyn Sparks, Gabra Zackman Eh.. Not a huge fan of this one... Marielle was super annoying. She cried a lot. Like a lot. She was going through some stuff I get that but still. Get a grip bitch you are a freaking angel. And Conner, Ugh same thing minus the crying. You're family has been gone for 500 years man and sometimes bad things just happen! Not everything that goes wrong is your fault. Bleh. I would also like to point out that they were so deeply in love after 7 days.. I don't have issues with insta-love when it is done in the right way. I didn't like this one.

The Vampire Games

The Vampire Games - Stephanie Archer I tried to like this book... I mean I did like it.. just not as much as I thought I would. It was honestly a little darker than I thought it was going to be. I get that it was a vampire killing game but I just thought that the romance would have been a bigger deal but it wasn't really there until the very end of the book. I also think that she got away with too much. Realistically she would have been put down for running her mouth the way that she did to the vampires. I wasn't a huge fan of hers. I kind of think she was not very smart.

It was a short read and for that I am glad. I might not have finished it if it were any longer.