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Riders by Veronica Rossi

Riders - Veronica Rossi

I'm having a hard time deciding how to rate this one. I kind of loved everything about the book but then that ending.. Not cool. It brought me down man. I don't like books like that. Granted I will have the next one pre-ordered and reading it at midnight... but still. not cool!

First off I want to say that I LOVE that the story is told through Gideon's POV. There aren't a lot of books out there told from the male POV. Okay I mean there are a ton but just not the kinds of books I tend to read. So I freaking loved the hell out of that. It helps that I really like Gideon. I liked the military back story and I loved his wit and sarcasm.

I think the horses are the greatest part of the entire book. Especially the connection Riot and Gideon had. It was just really cool to see the horses have different personalities and the way that they complimented their riders perfectly.

Another thing I loved was the bromance. I love a book with a great bromance and this one was one of the best I've read. You have 4 complete strangers coming together and they are NOTHING alike. At all. All from different background but they have this huge responsibly that they can only do together. It was beautiful :)

Okay so after writing the review I decided that the book was kinda amazing. I just hated the end. But the rest of it was amazing! so 4.5 stars. Ill take off a half a star for the ending. That's fair.

Atlantis Rising by Alyssa Day

Atlantis Rising - Alyssa Day

okay. So I have.. 13 audio books checked out. Yes 13. I am a nut ball. But I can listen to books at work so yay me. But I was sitting at work and I couldn't decide what to listen to. I just had too many options. So I picked this one because I kinda thought it would be ridiculous. Atlantis and Warriors of Poseidon.. I don't know. I was thinking Mermen and shit. It was late on Friday when I started. But jokes on me because I freaking loved this book.

First off I love Riley. She was super sweet but she also stood up for herself. A lot of times characters are too 'strong' and it just comes off bitchy or they are too sweet and they end up a push over. Well Riley was a good mixture of both. She gets thrown into a crazy world with these He-man Atlantis Warriors and she holds her own. Which is a good thing because she has caught the attentions of Conlan, The Prince of Atlantis.

I like him as well. He makes a few mistakes, sure but who doesn't. Since they meet at the very start of the book I can't say what he was like before he met Riley but I will say that I like them together. I think they are defiantly stronger as a couple and I think that they will be great leaders. I am excited to see how they progress in the series.

I will definitely be going on with the series! There is so much going on with the vampires attacking and trying to take over and I love all the warriors. They are funny and so completely different so I am excited to learn more about them.

Go Fetch! by Shelly Laurenston

Go Fetch! - Shelly Laurenston

This one was much better than the first one. Miki is one of my favorite female characters. She was absolutely hilarious. She had no filter at all and I loved it. I will admit at times that she was a bit bitchy but I like that in a character.

The great thing about this book was Conall. He completely accepted Miki and all her bitchy-ness. Hell she freaking drugged him and he still wanted her! He seemed to just work with all of her feisty personalities. They were very well matched in all way.

I also liked seeing Zack and Sara interact now that they don't really have drama going on. They were adorable in a very weird kind of way.

Overall just a fun book to read

On the Edge

On the Edge -  Ilona Andrews Okay I was a little skeptical about this book.. I mean it mentioned Wal-Mart in the blurb. I was understandably scared. But the book was freakin fantastic.

So Rose is this kick ass girl who is taking care of her two adorable brother. They live in the edge. Which is kinda between worlds. You have the Weird which is the land of magic and the Broken which is for normal people. The Edge has both. Rose and her brothers have magic and Rose is kind of a special. She has more magic than the others in the Edge so she has the people (Blue Bloods) from the Weird wanting her as a baby machines and she just was not gonna have that. She hides/fights them off for a couples years while keeping her family fed.

In walks Declan, a blue blood that claims he wants to marry her. Rose being the stubborn woman that she is fights him but realizes that he is just a bit stronger than she is so there is this whole challenge thing. But at the same time there is a whole lot of magic hounds attacking the Edge and Declan helps Rose protect the Edge and her family. So of course they are falling in love and fighting together. aww. Adorable. A couple that fights together, stays together.

Seriously I loved this book. I loved Rose and I loved Declan. And I loved her two little brothers. Yeah that's a lotta love. But its totally deserves it.

River Marked

River Marked - Patricia Briggs I listened to the audio book for this.

I feel mixed about Mercy Thompson. I do not love nor do I hate her. After reading about Charles and Anna, I have a hard time coming back to Mercy. I like their story better than Mercys. But I will finish out the series.

I will admit that I enjoyed this book more than the rest from the series. I LOVE Adam. I think he makes Mercy more likable. I enjoyed seeing her work closely with Adam in this book and the protectiveness between them both.

I wish we could get some Adam POV!

defiantly worth the read!

re-read 2/18/2016. Still feel the same. The books get so much better now that Adam and Mercy are together for reals. But for me they just don't compare to Anna and Charles.

Brighter Than the Sun

Brighter Than the Sun - Darynda Jones I have never been a huge fan of Reyes Farrow's.. Well not until I think the 5th book. I kind of hated him. I knew he had a hard childhood. I knew his 'father'/step father whatever Earl was to him abused him terribly but I still didn't understand why he treated Charley the way that he did. And I didn't understand Charley's fascination with him besides the fact that he was attractive. All I got was Charley going on and on about how sexy Reyes Farrow was and then he was a total dick to her. I just didn't get it. After book 5 I started to like Reyes. He was less of a dick and more of a sweetie pie... in a alpha male way. But after this book I kind of understand a little bit more of what was going on in the first couple of books.

Charley Davidson fans should not expect the same quirky humor that has been in the other books. This is not like those book. It is kind of darker. I am glad that it doesn't go into great detail about what Earl did to him. It's a good book to get into Reyes head. But I need to get back into Charleys head. I need her spunk. Reyes's story totally brought me down. On to book number 9!

Eighth Grave After Dark

Eighth Grave After Dark  - Darynda Jones

By far my favorite book from this series. I am extremely happy that Charley was 8 months preggers at the start of this book. I love Charley. I love her humor but 8 months of her pregnant might have been a bit much for me to handle. Plus she can't really kick that much ass when she's pregnant and while she's being hunted by the devil.

Honestly so much happens in this book. So much is revealed. (I mean.. I still have a million questions but a lot of the ones I have been asking for the last couple books were finally answered) I don't want to give away anything. I hate spoilers. But probably the most important thing to happen was Uncle Bob and Cookie getting married! ;) Woot! Was that not freaking adorable!? I thought so. Of course we finally find out who Mr. Wong is. YAY! And Donavan comes back. Swoon. I love him. Even if he was only in the book for about a minute. And then we meet Lucifer. He was extremely pleasant. oh and of course BEEP!

The ending is not at all what I though was going to happen. That was a bit insane. And Reyes is kind of a sneaky bastard. Not sure how I feel about that at all. I can't freaking wait for the next book! sooooooo much is going on!


Marked - Jennifer Snyder

I am a little biased when it comes to anything Jennifer Snyder just because I love her so freaking much. So I tend to look past a lot of the little things that would usually upset me. I also have to look at this book as a younger YA book because thats what it is. I think I am getting to a point where it is hard for me to read most YA books because the dialogue is hard for me to stomach. It was so corny and I know that if I would have read this book a couple of years ago I would have been swooning all over the place for Jace. So I am putting myself in my shoes a couple years ago.

Tessa I think is your typical high school girl. She is in a relationship with a possessive idiot but she has known him forever so she just hasn't broken up with him yet. She works at a diner and that is where she meets Jace when he comes in for a meal. They meet eyes across the room and like in most werewolf novels there is that instant spark between them. He wants to show Tessa how a man should treat a woman and thats how he gets her away from her current boyfriend. Okay thats all good. She needed to get away from her BF, he was no good.

But honestly I wasn't that into Jace. I get that he had to be secretive. Tessa had no idea what he was.. or what she could be for that matter. SO I understand that. But when random people start showing up at his house and he can't explain them to Tessa and then he sticks up for his ex GF and why she is so possessive of him. I am putting myself in Tessa's place. She has no clue whats going on. She is a 17 year old girl who has known this guy for a week and his ex shows up at his house with his cell phone and I just know that seems sketchy to me. Tessa was way too trusting for someone who just met the guy.

But the things that completely ruins Jace for me is obvious if you've read the book. He bit her with out her permission! Or her knowledge of who she is! OR of what he is!! I was so freaking mad at that!! and she forgave him?!! WHAT?! I would NEVER have gotten over that. NEVER. He completely changed her life without giving her a choice! So freaking selfish! And it makes me think less of her for being okay with it.

All in all the book was entertaining and sweet in a high school-y kind of way.

Changed by Jennifer Snyder

Again I had to look at this book from a younger point of view. I struggled with this only because I did not like Jace because of what happened at the end of the last book. And I hated Tessa for just being okay with what he did. I would have eaten his face off if he would have turned me with out my permission. And then in this book he sets Tessa up for more things that could get her killed with out talking to her about it first. I just was not a fan what so ever of Jace. Characters are what make a book. In the first book I could see how Jace was kind of cute.. a little bit corny but still cute. But after what he did at the end there is no way to look past that in this one. So it was hard for me to get over that and it was hard for me to like Tessa because she didn't care that Jace didn't care about her opinions on anything having to do with her life.

SO while the book ended well, I am still not 100% happy with how it got there. Im not even like 50% happy with it. I don't even think younger me would have been happy with the way Jace handled everything. He was an extremely selfish character. He saw Tessa, wanted her, so he did whatever he took to have her. Even if that meant completely changing her life with out her knowledge. Granted she was totally cool with it... which is why I didn't like her either...

Reign of Shadows

Reign of Shadows - Sophie Jordan There will be spoilers... because honestly theres kinda a big one thats hard not to talk about.

hmmm. How to rate this... I enjoyed it. I did. Kinda.. It was a little boring at times... most of the time actually. I wanted to like Luna. I tried really hard but her character was so freaking unrealistic. She is blind. I was like thats going to take this book up a notch because up until that point I was bored stiff. But then I just kept getting annoyed that she could do things like smell if someone was naked. Is that a real thing? It just seemed unrealistic that she had ZERO problems. It made perfect sense when she was at home and in an environment that she has been in her whole life but when she left that.. I don't know. I have issues walking around my own freaking house.

Another thing that really kind of pissed me off was that 75% of this book was kinda pointless.. They were wondering in the woods one way but then she decides to go back the other way and he follows. So they end up back where they started!! UGH. I felt like I wasted my time. Because nothing was learned. Not really. Sure there was a kiss or two and Fowler decides that he cares about her but ehh.. not enough reason for me to read a book.

But the absolutely worst thing about this book is at the very end. In the last 5 minutes of the book. Fowler tells Luna something important about himself and she freaks out on him! She turns into a huge bitch and basically pushes him away. She has spent the whole freaking book all over this guy, he has saved her life multiple times, he has proven over and over again that he is kinda an amazing guy and he has ONE little itty bitty thing against him ( something he can't help at all btw) and she is ready to throw him to the wolves. I hate her. If this would have happened earlier in the book I would have stopped reading. I was so mad.

I know I just ranted a bunch but I am glad I read it. I was entertained. Will I be jumping up for joy for the next book? No. Will I read it? Yes.

Blood Bound

Blood Bound - Patricia Briggs re-read 2/10/2016

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

I was kind of disappointed with this book and it's a little hard to write a review for it with out spoilers...but it was kind of boring. Most of the book was Mare trying to find New Bloods. The problem with that is that Maven is also looking for them and when he finds them he does things with them that aren't so nice. and yeah... thats it. Thats pretty much most of the book was Mare recruiting New Bloods for 'her' army. Boring..
Mare kind of drove me crazy in this book. She was cruel and I get that to beat Maven and his mother she couldn't be the Mrs. Clause but she was a freaking bitch. And she was acting like she was a freaking god and that was just annoying the crap out of me. I really wanted to read a lot less about her.
I saw the ending coming but at the same time I didn't see it happening exactly like it did. I was shocked.. even though I shouldn't have been. Maven was just as shocking in the end of Red Queen.

Hunting Ground

Hunting Ground - Patricia Briggs re-read 2/9/2016

Alpha & Omega

Alpha & Omega - Patricia Briggs Sooo I read Cry Wolf awhile ago and I was getting ready to re-read it and I saw that there was a prequel to it! So yay I read it and everything makes much more sense. I remember the beginning of Cry Wolf being kind of confusing. I remember going back through some of the Mercy Thompson books thinking that somewhere in there I missed the start of Anna and Charles but I never found anything. Once you start into Cry Wolf you obviously figure everything out but after reading this book everything just kind of clicked for me.

And it was actually cute seeing Charles react to Anna the first time and vise versa. I mean she was scared of everything because of how her packed was treating her but she still had that connection with Charles.

Demon Possession

Demon Possession - Kiersten Fay 4.5 stars. I had a hard time rating this book. I wanted to give it 5 stars but that would have bee just a little bit of a lie. It was so freaking long. The first half was kind of slow and it was really just about a girl learning about how to move on from a horrible life And then theres a little bit of her and her demon falling in love and then in the last 25% of the book we find out who she is. I just think that the there is soo much information pushed into the last quarter. I wish it was sprinkled in throughout instead of all at the end.
I loved the book though. I loved the world and the characters and I am excited to see where the series goes.

Third Grave Dead Ahead

Third Grave Dead Ahead  - Darynda Jones I hate Reyes. boooo. I love Charley. And I love UB and Cookie and Garrett. And I even love the biker guy. the book was awesome! I just wrote a review for the second book.. I don't really want to write one for this one too. Just read it. It's filled with more of Charley and her crazy life.